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About Us

jill-2015-w-baga.jpgHi! My name is Jill. My husband and I own a small golf course in the heart of Minnesota's resort area.  When ordering for our clubhouse, I tried to find cute ladies golf accessories, clubs and clothing.  The more I looked, the more I realized there was not a lot of girly golf bags available, and the few I did find for women were the big, heavy, old-fashioned cart bags, and most were also expensive.  So, coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, I decided to figure out how to design my own bags.  How hard can that be, right?  Well, let’s just say I learned a lot!

My first bag design was a stand/carry bag, as I could not find any stand golf bags for ladies that were cute.  Now, as I am entering a new phase of my business and sold out of my first bags, I decided to redesign it.  I talked with women about what they like and don’t like in golf bags.  Other than overwhelmingly loving the cute colorful designs, they gave me some new ideas.  First of all, women like lightweight bags.  Not a lot of women walk the course, and the ones who do usually use a pull/push cart when they do.  But many women still buy the bags made for walking because they were lighter and not so bulky.  Plus they like the stand for when they are getting them in and out of the car, at the driving range, etc.  So, I decided to combine all the good things about each type of bag into one awesome bag…basically a lightweight cart bag with a stand, or also called a "hybrid" bag.

My newest bag is a lightweight cart bag (less than 5 pounds) with 14 dividers.  I was getting enough requests for this I decided to add more "traditional" bags to my line, though there is nothing traditional about them.  They also include a cooler pocket and many pockets for all your stuff.  Not all of us are lucky enough to live on a golf course and keep their bag on their cart, but for those who are, this is perfect for them.  

My company name "Birdie Babe" has several meanings, other than the obvious.  My nickname as a kid in my family growing up was "Bird".  And one of the most famous earlier woman golfers was named Babe Zaharias.  But mostly, I just thought it was cute and it made sense.  Due to requests, I have also added a line of accessories with “Bogey Babe”, because, let’s face it, not all of us can be birdie babes, though we can always strive for that, and many of us are happy to be “bogey babes”.  Women love the name “birdie babe” but would say, I’m really a “bogey babe” today.  Then other women said they wanted something that says “birdie bitch” also, so I added that too.  You can determine for yourself what that means.

I think it is important to get girls involved in golf at a young age and wish I would have started sooner.  At our golf course, I see about an equal number of boys and girls involved in golf lessons when they are very young, but as they get older, fewer and fewer girls seem to be interested and that really bothers me.  Luckily, in our area, we have alot of golf courses and alot of interest in girls joining our golf team, but many areas around us don't have enough girls interested to even make up a team.  I think golf is such a healthy activity for kids of all ages, I would like to see more girls interested, and I have found that if they have cute girly equipment, they seem to be more interested in it. 

And I don't even have any girls, I have two boys.  That is the other reason I tell moms golfing is such a good family sport.  My boys love to golf, and when all the other moms were complaining about how they have nothing in common with their teenage sons, guess what?  I go golfing with my boys and we have a great time.  If it wasn't for that, I'm not sure what we would do together during those difficult teen years.  So it is totally a family activity for us.  And I also golf with my husband and my girlfriends, so it is a great social activity we can continue as we get older.  Hey, the oldest person to get a hole in one was a 102 year old woman named Elsie, so try and beat that!

So, I hope you enjoy my golf bags!  I had a great time designing them. Stop back to see more products. Ask your local golf shop to carry them in their pro shops. See you on the course!