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3 Secrets To Golf Bag Greatness


The best part of golfing is the relaxing, fun time you have out on the course. This is mostly in part to the glorious greens, challenging holes and great company (even if it’s just you for the day). Once you’ve secured your new women’s golf bag, you can add these three things to ensure you’re set for a great day on the course. These will go above and beyond your tees, clubs and ball markers. These are seemingly unnecessary additions that are actually essentials for taking your golf experience from a 6 to a 10.

Small Bluetooth Speakers

Nowadays, golf is a time for getting in the groove and playing a smashing game. And what’s better than a great day on the course with your favorite tunes? Hardly anything. Thanks to the technological boom of the 21st century, many people have all of their music in their pocket. Smart phones with bluetooth capabilities can sync with an affordable speaker (generally around $30) to clip on to a top pocket on your bag. This takes your designer bag from already pretty neat to absolutely awesome.

Bring A Permanent Marker

This one is so simple. A permanent marker always comes in handy, whether it’s for marking your ball, giving your loving fans an autograph or keeping score. It always seems that whenever you need to write something, a marker is nowhere to be found. Add a pack of the full color Sharpies to match your colorful designer golf bag.

Portable Action Camera

These small cameras are becoming ever more popular for the action folks in the world. You can attach this to the top of your womens golf bag to record your hits. Then, you’ll become a real pro after watching the footage. If you’d rather not get too intense in your game, you can record your random dancing between holes or funny things your girlfriends are saying. Either way, these video memories will last!