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What to Look for when Buying a Ladies Golf Bag

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Golf has long been thought of as a “guys sport” popular among gentlemen, however, it’s 2015 and is way beyond time to drop that line of thinking. More and more women are participating in and even dominating sports, such as golf, that had once been thought of as male domain. With this constant increase in popularity amongst women, golf brands have really amped up their marketing to target female golfers when it comes to all things golf, especially accessories.

When there are so many new options available it can be difficult to choose a good golf bag that meets all the needs of the individual. There are so many considerations that come with choosing this essential golf accessory. There are a number of golf bags that have been specifically designed for women, design, color, type and weight tend to be the main differences when compared to men’s bags.

Let’s start by looking at the differences between men’s golf bags and women’s golf bags. There are some subtle differences between men’s and women’s golf bags and often companies simply change the size (make it 1” shorter) and maybe the color and call it a women’s bag. However, there are a very few companies who exclusively make bags designed for women, such as Birdie Babe Golf.

Women can choose between cart bags, carry/stand bags or hybrid bags. The carry/stand bags usually come with a single strap which is carried over the shoulder, or can be purchased with a double strap allowing for the bag to be worn like a backpack, which tends to be better for the back. The double straps make for an easier load to carry. Carry bags usually come with a stand and tend to be a popular choice for female golfers, even if they use a cart, because they are lightweight and fairly comfortable to carry and easy to get in and out of a car. Cart bags are designed exclusively for use on a cart. They may have a single strap to carry from your vehicle but they tend to be heavy and bulky and not designed to carry on the course. Hybrid bags are a new design in recent years that combines the cart bag and stand bag into one. It is mostly to be used on a cart or pull cart but has a stand to use on the driving range or any time you need to set it down so it won’t fall over. This has become a very popular design in the last few years.

There are so many options available for women who want to choose the bag perfect for them. Style, design, color, ease of use, and more; there are a lot of excellent options to choose from. Now that you know some of the differences between the styles of bags, happy shopping. 

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