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3 Things Golfers Do Before Golfing


Golfing isn’t just as simple as walking up to a pretty course and hitting a ball into a hole. A great golfer prepares well for the game ahead.

Gather Your Gear

First things first, grab your Birdie Babe women’s golf bag and make sure it is stocked with the proper equipment. Load up on your clubs, golf balls, tees, a green tool, and a ball marker. Carrying water is a great way to stay hydrated - some snacks are a good idea too. Pack your glove and your hat for skin protection.

Stretch Before You Start

Just as with any physical activity, stretching your body is a good way to prevent injury. With the great twisting movements of a golf swing, your entire body is used. Your legs steady your foundation. Your core twists with the motion. Your arms extend from the back swing to the follow through, and your neck focuses down on the ball and snaps up to watch your shot soar. See, you use your whole body! So stretch well before taking that first swing.

Warm Up Drills

After you get in 10-15 minutes of stretching, a few warm-up drills are a good idea to get your body accustomed to those power swings that will get you to the gold. To prepare for the power, stand straight up with one of your clubs in your hand. Spin your body side to side as if you are hitting a softball at waist height. Keep your swing continuous, back and forth, back and forth, gradually lowering your swing until it is at your standard golf stance. The gradual movement accounts for your entire muscle to get warmed up instead of the ones needed for your direct swing.

Now you’re ready to golf! Whether you’re walking or taking a cart, your hybrid women’s golf bag is ready to go where you are golfing.