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3 Things Relaxed Golfers Do


There’s something very relaxing about a game of golf. Instead of taking it competitively, a day out on the golf course can be rejuvenating. After a nice, big breakfast, grab your Birdie Babe women’s golf bag and head out for a lovely day on the course.

Add Music To Your Game

If you’re having trouble perfecting your excellent swing, practice your power swing to your favorite song. Matching your swing to the beat of the music will create a rhythmic essence to your game. The fluid motion of a swing while listening to music is poetic. If you’re having trouble finding the groove, throw in your swing song and the rhythm will do its part. They are one in the same.

No Negative Nonsense

Take it easy on yourself. Don’t throw negative comments at yourself for missing a putt or shanking the drive. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s not worth the confidence hit to harp on yourself for a poor shot. Instead grab your ball and try again! You’re playing a relaxed game of golf today, remember?

Relax Your Rules

On that same note, don’t stress about the finicky rules today. Take it easy when it comes to club count rules or time searching for your ball on an unlucky shot. If you can’t bring yourself to let go of all the rules, give yourself a penalty stroke for the times you have to take another shot or pick up your ball. However, we just want you to enjoy the game! As a note, relaxing the rules doesn’t mean you can give up your golf etiquette. Stay polite even if you are changing your rules a bit, especially if you are playing with others.

Altogether, with a designer golf bag like yours from Birdie Babe, you’ll be as rejuvenated as the pattern on your bag. Have a great time and good luck!