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Getting Your Golf Game Back On Track And Why It Matters For Your Happiness


Success does not come easy for those that don’t try. Have you ever heard that practice makes perfect? It’s a common saying for good reason. You won’t become a golf expert overnight, but you will increase your happiness on the course by following our advice.

Proper Equipment (Like Birdie Babe Womens Golf Bags)

Once you’ve picked your favorite style of a hybrid Birdie Babe golf bag, get to filling it with the right equipment. You’ll need a set of clubs (don’t forget your putter), golf shoes, a golf glove to avoid blisters, a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, golf tees for the perfect drive, a divot pick for that superb shot onto the green, and water to stay hydrated. Did you know all Birdie Babe bags come with a cooler pocket that fits two 20-oz bottles? Cool!

Right Technique

As we said above, practice makes perfect. Take the time to get your tee set just right - not too high, nor too low; like Goldilocks, you want it just right. Keep your head down and your eye on the ball. Follow through your swing, then pick your head up to see where your ball lies. Hopefully it’s right in the middle of the fairway! Set yourself up for success. After working the ball down the fairway and onto the green, take your time with putting. Line the ball up with the hole by analyzing the putter’s mid-line and the path the ball will take to the hole. Measure your stroke carefully. Follow through your putt at equal distance of which you prepared. With just the right touch (and plenty of practice), you’ll sink your putt!

A Spectacular Attitude

Golf is a game of independent successes. However, with good times come bad, and you must remember that you will not play poorly forever. Remember that golf is a game of relaxing. Keep your spirits up for a great day on the course.

You are the key to your own happiness. Take the time on the course to let every bad thought disappear. This is how you let golf improve your happiness in life. Enjoy!