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If You Love Patterns And Golf, You'll Love Birdie Babe Womens Golf Bags


Golf is a luxurious sport. Whether riding in a cart or hiking through the course, spending time playing golf is relaxing and rejuvenating. The great part of playing this independent sport is the ability to clearly express your own personality on the course. Traditional team sports require home and away uniforms (usually pretty simple styles), protective pads, and a bag that matches it all. Birdie Babe isn’t like that. We don’t believe in basic gear which is why we are here as your outlet to let your girly side out on the course. From red leopard print to blue and tye-dye, Birdie Babe has the bag just for you.

When you’re out there on the course, you are one with the ball, one with the fairway, one with the green, and one with your club. The one piece of equipment that is by your side through it all, women, are your golf bags. You can’t just trust any golf bag with such a grand responsibility. A Birdie Babe womens golf bag is both functional AND adorable! With ten additional pockets (you know, the ones besides the big one in the middle where your clubs go) you can carry all golf necessities including your tees, a bottle of water, your towel, your glove, and much more.

The greatest functional ability of a Birdie Babe Golf Bag is that it is designed as a hybrid for both cart and walking. It is lightweight for the days you decide to carry, and it includes a sturdy base and cart strap for the days that beckon for four wheels. Now go pick out the golf bag that matches your personality and let it shine on that course. Ladies, you’ve got this!