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Slice Your Bread And Not Your Swing


Slice your bread and not your swing. This simple strategy will stop you from slicing your swing on the tee. Grab your driver from your Birdie Babe women’s golf bag, a golf ball and a hangar and head to the driving range for some practice.

If you are slicing your swing, the biggest problem is you are leaving your club face open. The driver needs to make contact with the ball at the right angle. You need the hangar to ensure you achieve this correct measurement.

Tee up your ball and grab your club as you would normally. Now, take your hangar and grab it on the longest edge with your top grip, gloved hand. Adjust your fingers on the hangar so your first finger on your bottom grip hand barely loops into the corner of the hangar. You’ll know you’re holding it correctly when the other corner of the hangar is touching the middle of your forearm.

The backswing is the time when the slice format usually appears. With the hangar in hand, begin your backswing. As you move your arms backward, the corner of the hangar will move away from your forearm. In its place you will see the top hook of the hangar on your forearm. If when you did your backswing the hangar was away from your arm altogether, you have a bad case of the golf slice. With the hook part of the hangar resting on your forearm, your arm stays in a strong swing path rather than opening out and going crazy.

Do a practice swing of this motion slowly at first and then do it with the ball. The more you practice, the better your swing will be altogether. Don’t worry about misplacing your hangar because you have so many pockets in your Birdie Babe golf bag. You can carry it with you throughout the course to fix your swing anytime you notice the splice returning.

If you’re a visual learner, you can check out the Golf Fix video. Thanks for sharing!