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The Best Golf Bag You Should Be Focusing On


If you’re anything like me, you go back and forth between riding a cart and walking the golf course. It’s really a spur of the moment decision. The biggest challenge with a golfing attitude like this was being forced to go one way or the other because of my golf bag. Since when does a bag rule my decisions? Well, I’m happy to say that I am now the boss of my awesome women’s golf bag.

So they’ve been making women’s golf bags for decades now, what’s the big deal about this one? Let me tell you! The new hybrid technology makes your bag truly convertible between walking and taking a cart. The best part is you don’t actually have to do anything to switch your bag between a stand-alone or cart bag. It’s already done. The hybrid design includes the necessary features to be both at once. See - it’s awesome!

One of my favorite parts of this bag is it weighs 5 pounds! Even after you pack over 20 pockets full of everything necessary, you’ll be able to carry this bag without getting tired or sore. Your game will still be on point. To counter the light weight when you decide to cart the course, the bag comes with a sleek cart strap that accents your design of choice.

Drum roll for the best feature, please!

Birdie Babe designer womens golf bags include an insulated cooler pocket! No more walking through to the 16th hole knowing you have a few more to go and only some lukewarm water pretending to clench your thirst. This insulated pocket holds 2 20oz bottles and keeps your drink of choice cool for the entire round of golf. How great is that?

Stop daydreaming about making your golf experience 100% better and make it a reality. We promise you’ll love it.