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The Details Of The Women's Golf Bag


Golf is a lovely sport for many reasons. The beautiful scenery of each different course continually impresses golfers at the turn of every corner. The challenge of adapting from one hole to the next keeps golfers on their toes and improves focus throughout the game. The sheer preparation of the game requires deliberate choosing of the proper equipment. We recommend you start with a fabulous women’s golf bag from Birdie Babe.

In fact, we are going to start your preparation for you by telling you some unknown details of the women’s golf bag (okay, okay, it’s the details of the golf bag in general, but women’s golf bags are just the best)! The main purpose of a golf bag is to carry our stuff! It’s truly as simple as that. Or is it?

A good golf bag has plenty of pockets to carry equipment including our clubs, ball, ball markers, tees, towels, divot repair tool, stroke counters, rangefinders, water, shoes, and more! Golf bags originally started as carry bags to compile all gear in one easy place. Carry bags generally have one or two shoulder straps but tend to weigh less in an effort to make it more comfortable for the player (or caddy). With the popularity of golf carts, the lightweight carry bags did not suffice. Cart bags require more weight to stay put on the back of the cart during travel as well as an additional strap to connect the bag directly to the cart. It’s not as simple as you may think to find the right bag for your style. If you enjoy both walking and riding, choose a hybrid golf bag capable of both.

Golf bags have separation walls, generally three to four, to keep clubs separated for quick access. The purpose of these barriers is for the golfer to determine that all clubs are present and ready for the game ahead. The best of all golf bags have individual compartments to keep clubs separated from each other. This allows the golfer to quickly identify the proper home as well as keep the clubs from bumping into each other. Complete separation is not necessary, but like many things your preference is the final judgement.

Take your time picking the best womens golf bag for you! Whether you want style or function, Birdie Babe hybrid designer golf bags are a great fit for everyone. Shop now!